Trend Alert: Tuxedo Trousers

There are three trends at play here. First we have seen the stay and stay and stay of the boy-girl androgynous trend. We love this one and it is going nowhere. We have also seen the emergence of the tuxedo trend - especially in dresses. Finally, not three weeks ago I was alerting you all to the trousers for cocktail functions trend. Last week these three elements of trend came together to form a new trend. One that seems set to settle in as three A-list actresses were the fine purveyors of the trend on the same night.
Let's start with Cameron Diaz on a night out with Colin Firth. Look at those sharp evening pants. Worn with a white underwear-bearing blouse and jacket. Very deconstructed tux vibe. And Sandra Bullock - aside from taking off her heels since who hasn't been there - was wearing a very similar pair of black pants. Also combined with a black and white, underwear-exposing top half. Hmmm. Noted guys.
And then I saw Gwyneth Paltrow - having a bit of a fashion moment right now - and she was wearing a tuxedo trouser jumpsuit situation. Now you tell me that these three aint a trend? Sharpen up those trousers chicks. It's going to be quite a ride. And I love it.

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