Some Jon Hamm in the Morning

Let's kick off today with suave, sexy, dapper Don Draper. Or as he is really called, Jon Hamm. He is a slick as it gets in the TV series Mad Men. He is a cad in Bridesmaids. Hilarious too. And he is a bizarre caricature in 30Rock. But no matter what role he plays, he is always a very very good looking man.
The Daily Mail did a piece on him and it made for an interesting read, but I loved the images. Slick in well cut suits, his good looks were played both for laughs and for fashion.
Jon personally calls his style 'aggressively casual' and insists that his style advice is limited to "take a shower, comb your hair, tuck your shirt in, indulge in nicer shoes and make sure your tie is properly tied." Well we can certainly agree on the shoe thing.
He favours Rag & Bone for casual wear and Paul Smith, Armani, Calvin Klein and Gucci for formal wear. Which he takes seriously if it is an event, but wastes no time on it if he is off duty.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures. Let them inspire you to a great day, full of laughs and style and very beautiful things. Why not.

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