Sofia Vergara for Esquire

Bloody hell. I am sooo desperate for Sofia Vergara to be my best friend. Seriously. I would trade in a couple of my life-long BFFs for that gig. I mean she is funny. Proper funny. And fun. And talented. And - as if we didn't already know - va-va-va-voom good looking. Not that that is a reason for her to be my mate, it's just that maybe some of it will rub off on me miraculously. If only.
This month she is featured in Esquire magazine in a range of skimpy underthings. But loses none of the joy that she brings to everything. Or the drop dead beauty. Right? I am so happy that we now have in the world a super, duper awesome comedy actress with a killer bod and a full-on personality. When last did we ever get that right? You CAN be funny and hot. You don't have to be - if you have to choose one, choose funny - but it is awesome. Yay. What a way to end the week.

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