Reese Witherspoon Style of the Week

We all adore Reese Witherspoon. She is so easy to adore. All blonde and funny and pretty and ordinary in a way that can become extraordinary. She has kids. She has bad days. She falls down. She gets up. She hides her tummy because she is a little self conscious. She is one of us. And yet she is also a star. And so she does what all stars do - hire a stylist that knows how to dress your body. Reese uses the same silhouette both on and off duty to play to her figure strengths. She always nips a dress in at the waist and let's it gather or fall or tulip out over her tummy. Clever girl. That great light blue dress is by Kate Spade and that yellow one is Louis Vuitton. It doesn't matter. It could be Target, she would still look fresh and pretty and nipped in at the waist. Which is your favourite Reese look? I vote for the LV.

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