Rachel Bilson Covers Lucky Magazine

I have been banging on recently about how I am addicted to the new show, Hart of Dixie on the televisual box. The star is ex-OC-er, Rachel Bilson, and in the show she wears a succession of the most adorable outfits you ever did see. In fact I told a fashion friend of mine to watch the show. "What's it about," she asked. "Doesn't matter," I said, "you will just love the outfits."
This month Rachel covers Lucky magazine in bright and beautiful little numbers that are perfect for the northern hemisphere spring. But are quite unlike Rachel's usual style of classic jeans and white tees with quirky accessories or that kind of thing.
I thought it was interesting that in this article she mentions that she hates to be uncomfortable in her clothes - so that's a major factor in what she chooses to wear. Me too, Rach, me too. Have you seen Hart of Dixie? What do you think of Dr Hart's outfits? Let me know.

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