Princess Charlene in Custom Akris at 2012 Rose Ball

The lovely and local Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco (and Benoni) stepped out looking happy and beautiful in her custom Akris gown at the 2012 Monaco Rose Ball which had a theme of Swinging London. I think we all just need to accept that Charlene likes to play up her broad swimmers' shoulders - she certainly earned them - and acknowledge that the pale bronze drape is very flattering for her colouring. She looked incredibly elegant.
Her make up and hair were a triumph - best she has ever looked in my opinion. I love the bouffant bun and ribbon hairband. It looks more modern and fashionable than she has tended to. Yay.
Princess Caroline's daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, attended in Chanel Couture. Yes, well she is a beautiful girl, but I think it looks like she is being smothered to death by dress.
Having said that, the whole family looked like they were having a whale of a time and that is exactly what fancy balls should be. How charming that it turned out that way. I love seeing families have fun together, and the royals are no different. Cheers!

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