Olivia Palermo Style: Paris Fashion Week

Still on the go, Olivia Palermo has brought her inimitable style to the shows of Paris Fashion Week. Combining high street and designer everywhere she goes, she is making some wonderful personal style statements now that she has settled into her own groove. Not wearing just what is on the runway, she skillfully combines the work of the designer she is seeing with other pieces from her suitcase. The fan bag is often taken out. The same three or four pairs of shoes - Louboutin and Blahniks mostly - are repeatedly worn. And the style is starting to become very representative of her own aesthetic, rather than just keeping up with fashion.
I mean just look at the classic blazer - worn three times in four appearances. Good for her. I especially love that dress, however, worn to Dior and nodding to Michelle Obama as it is combined with a cardigan. I also adore that puff skirt dress she wore to Rochas.
Which of her looks have you liked most this fashion season? Let me know.

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