Oh Dear. Charlize Theron in Fashion Fail.

There is very little that I dislike more in the fashion arena than the sleeveless polo neck. You all know how much I love onse Charlize Theron. I often feature her here on the blog as the very epitome of elegance and style. She almost never gets it wrong. I only show you this aberration in an attempt to assist you in avoiding one of the great pitfalls of fashion.
Let me explain. Look how weird her lady lumps look. Boobage sitting just above the belly button is a trick of the sleeveless polo neck. If you want yours to look like that is where they lie, please, go ahead, if not, AVOID. Also, I want to know how her arms feel in the last days of winter as her neck is kept all snugly warm. Left out? Abandoned? Treated differently? Discriminated against? I mean, what a ridinky-donk situation. Please, fashion peeps one and all, outlaw the sleeveless polo neck now. Go!

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