Neil Etheridge Talks About Philippine Azkals' Harassment Case

Neil Etheridge Talks About Philippine Azkals' Harassment Case

Philippine Azkals goalkeeper Neil Etheridge said he is saddened by the recent harassment case being thrown by Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Match Commissioner Cristy Ramos at his co-players Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado.

Everyone has the right to express their own opinions on the matter, but obviously the timing wasn't great. It is unfortunate that this happened so close to such a big competition,” said Neil who admitted that he was also in the dressing room when Ramos' inspection happened.

I think a lot of the players were unaware of what happened or maybe something was misinterpreted," he added.

Having been caught in the same scandal last year, Neil said the bad experience still left him with a bad mark until this time.

"It's a shame. It does affect people's mindsets. Being involved in what happened before, I know what it's like. It is upsetting and players can take it to heart, but it's one of those things that you try and deal with professionally," he said.

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