MBFWJ Review: Thula Sindi

When Thula Sindi told me prior to his show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg that it was going to be largely black and white and cotton, I was disbelieving. After all Thula is known for his love of a glamorous lady. A woman of substance and power and panache. But what Thula delivered began just as promised, plus the addition of a bauble or two, with exquisite cotton fabrications from India, which lent sumptuousness to gloriously simple silhouettes. Silhouettes that were simultaneously signature Thula and freshly inspired. As each look came down the runway it was easy to evaluate whether you would be adding that one to your wardrobe. And so the perfect combination of flamboyance and commercialism was achieved, something that Thula has a knack of getting just right.
But it didn't stop there. And I hate to say that there is a part of me that wished it did. Let me explain. As the show progressed through the dip dye (loved), into the houndstooth (on-trend), and then eventually into the evening wear, I forgot the clean, simple message. This is not to say that the dresses in this section weren't lovely - as they really, really were - it's just that the perfection of the first half of the show was a tiny bit diluted. The closing with the gold pieces was magnificent and that would have been just enough razzmatazz for me.
To sum up. I loved the show. I just forgot how much by the end. This man is so gifted in making clothes that are guaranteed to make any woman feel incredible, he doesn't need to razzle dazzle quite so much. Bravo Thula.
All photos courtesy of SDR Photo

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