MBFWJ Review: Abigail Betz

Sometimes in life we go through things that are hard and challenging and impact on our very core. When this happens there is little in life that doesn't reflect this experience. It is sad but also affirming. And sometimes unexpectedly beautiful. Such was it with the fall/winter 12 collection from Abigail Betz which was shown last night at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg. It was an honest and clear look into a soul that had been through some stuff. And come out the other side even more lovely.
What was most affirming for me was that Abigail has clearly not lost her love of romance and whimsy. Her signature detail and pretty confections are still alive and well, but what I found so much more modern was her coats. Emerging from 60s references that were both fashionable and edgy, they had a totally modern aesthetic that I loved.
And everything had pockets. You know how I love a pocket. Not only does it show thoughtful consideration and attention to detail, but it recognises the practicalities and nuances of a woman's life. Not that Abigail got lost in detail. Oh no, she hiked up those mini skirts and tied a bow around that neck and set her women off into their lives with hope in their hearts and a swing in their step. Beautiful wee dresses and sumptuous coats for the win last night. Delightful new and fresh start for Abigail. I was glad I was there to see it all begin again.
All photos courtesy of SDR Photo

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