Lana Del Rey on American Idol

I was catching up with American Idol last night and was delighted to see the appearance of Lana del Rey on the results show. Staying current as well as being influential is what has kept this version of the music talent show at the top of its game for eleven years. And her performance was good. Surprisingly sweet when I was expecting sultry. Surprisingly tuneful when I was expecting a bit of rough. Surprisingly stylish in her white button down 60s-style crop top and skirt - paired as so often it is with her Converse trainers. Perfectly her.
Lana had just come off a dazzling performance in Berlin. Where she appeared dressed in a glorious silk satin floor length gown by Giorgio Armani. Apparently it was a bit of a highlight but her low key performances indicate a lack of confidence on stage. Well. Give her time. So far, so good, as far as I am concerned.

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