Lana del Rey As (Shot By) Terry Richardson

Lovely songstress Lana del Rey has made it to the point of her infamy where she now needs the obligatory Terry Richardson shoot. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled through all the images and all of them were clothed. None of them in sexual positions. And only one with Terry himself, although the lady refrained from doing the thumbs up with him. Well, well.

There was of course the obvious Lana-as-Terry shot because it always is about Terry himself. But it was a tame shoot in comparison to the Kim Kardashian one for example. This one was for T Magazine - for the New York Times.
And I adore a spot of close up black and white, I will admit. But the whole shoot comes off as a bit pedestrian. Nothing new. Considering the amazing shoots we have seen Lana do of late, this is something of a disappointment. Even though it is a relief that it avoids the TR treatment.
What do you guys think of this one? Are you also over Terry Richardson? Or would you have preferred to have seen some of his special brand of smut?

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