Lana Del Rey Also Shops At ASOS

I know several of you shop at ASOS. Suffering the 40% customs duty as it lands on our shores, simply to get your hands on some cool, edgy fashion pieces that have yet to appear in the malls across our land. I know. I feel ya. And now there is even more reason to do so. Just check it out. Lana del Rey in an all-green ensemble from ASOS, just the other night when she hit up Chateau Marmont in LA.
And while we are talking Lana del Rey's style, she went to a Guns 'n Roses gig the other night in a cropped Frank Sinatra t-shirt, jeans and her ubiquitous Converse sneakers. She threw a cardigan over the outfit later in the evening but I rather like this pared down, make-up-free version of LDR. What about you? All groomed and glowing, or rough and tumble? Pick a side.

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