Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Wears Orla Kiely Again

Later yesterday afternoon, after a morning of Olympic sporty shenanigans, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, changed out of her jeans and dreadful scarf, and popped on a delightful grey dress with a pleated skirt, bow belt and black lace neckline detailing. It was super and was designed by Orla Kiely. This is the second time that K-Middy has worn Irish designer Orly Kiely of late. And it seems to be working for her very nicely.
Modern, appropriate and pretty, the dress co-ordinated beautifully with the suit of her father-in-law the Prince of Wales. Much has been made of the fact that these two undertook the engagement together as it came up in a day-to-day conversation between them that this was something that they were both interested in - art and children. In support of The Prince's Trust.
Both of them got stuck in making crafts with the kids on the engagement and everyone seems to have a good time. Lovely.

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