Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Makes First Public Speech

I managed to catch the first public speech from Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, on the televisual box last night. Bless her heart, it was lovely! Other than being particularly slow, steady and rehearsed, it was above all, sweet. So very sweet. Seriously. I liked her all over again.
In fact, I liked her so much as she delivered her three minute speech from the heart, that I forgave her for wearing a dress that she had leant her mother three years ago to attend Ascot.
This high street dress from Reiss is perfectly in Kate's wheelhouse look. It is a shade of blue. It is neatly above the knee. It is belted neatly. And it combines nicely with the rest of her accessories. What a winner. 
Kate was visiting the hospice charities that she is patron of in East Anglia. And she did her usual walkabouts, made crafts and art with the kids and generally brought happiness everywhere she went. What a delight. Seriously. Watch the speech if you can. There is such a sweet kindness to her that totally blew me away. And I am hard, people, hard.

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