Kaley Cuoco in ASOS and Tadashi Shoji

Penny...Penny...Penny... Oh, how I love that game. Like many people around the world, I simply cannot help but adore The Big Bang Theory and its cast of misfits. And Penny. Or Kaley Cuoco as she is known in real life. Kaley has been attending a few events in the past two weeks and I thought it may be worth calling your attention to the super duper little black polka dot ASOS dress she wore to the Genesis Awards (one for the puppies and kitties) on the weekend. And as it is from ASOS, you too can get it for yourself. Bonus.
She wore a wonderfully fresh and on-trend yellow Tadashi Shoji dress last week to the Alzheimer's Association 20th Anniversary dinner. I thought this one was a real winner too. Although you are less likely to be able to get this one for your own wardrobe. Just keeping it real.
What do you think? And while we are about it, what are your feelings on glitter shoes? These adorable Miu Miu numbers kicked off the trend and now they are everywhere. Is that a good or bad thing in your view? Let me know. As you do.

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