Jennifer Lopez Covers V Magazine Spring 2012

Well I never. I pleases me and pains me in equal measure, this whole kerfuffle. Look at this woman. Jennifer Lopez. Glowing with beauty and toned to within an inch of her life. All curves and incredible skin. Glowing, I tell you. She looks next-level-amazing, doesn't she? And yet she is my age. My bloody age. The age at which I feel it is ok to let go a little. Be a bit soft and out of breath. And then this one comes along with her glowing and puts me to shame. I am, in fact, shamed.
J-Lo covers the new issue of V Magazine. She is styled for the sports focus of the issue and is seen in everything from boxing gloves to, well, just some boxing gloves. Amazing.
The shoot was styled for V Mag by Carine Roitfeld and shot my snapper to the stars, Mario Testino, and is full to the brim with Jennifer's trademark energy and sass.
You can't really find much fault, so let's just remind ourselves, as we watch American Idol on the weekend, that no good can come of it when she calls you 'baby'. And the more often you are addressed as 'baby' the worse the news is going to be. She would call me baby. That's a fact. Now I need to go and look up gyms in the hood. Or on the block. Whatevs, baby. Wish me luck.

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