Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games Promotional Style

I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when she wore that red Calvin Klein dress to the Oscars. I liked her even more, as I am superficially wont to do, when I found out she was dating Nicholas Holt, who I think is awesome. And then she started turning up for the premiers of the new movie Hunger Games in dazzling outfits. I wasn't quite convinced by the first two gold numbers. But then she smashed those thoughts with the blazing red Marchesa lace frock.
And then the daring, backless Tom Ford. In black, with a zip that ran like a snake over her hip to the front. All kinds of awesome. Next level radness.
And then the rat-tat-tat selection of outfits for television appearances, starting with Raoul black cutouts, then Prabal Gurung black and gold (both with Jimmy Choos) and then the red, white and blue of a Holmes Yang situation. Yes, from Katie Holmes. And I love it.
She wasn't done though. She finished up last week with a stunning green Calvin Klein number that was cute, flattering, age-appropriate and chic. What a win. Pity these Jimmy Choos weren't a perfect fit. For me nothing quite beats the Tom Ford. But I will say that that Holmes Yang outfit comes pretty close to stealing my heart. Now that is a surprise. Nicely done JenLaw.

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