Hunger Games Premiers Bring Out The Flash

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar nominated young actress and star of the new movie The Hunger Games, has worn gold twice this week at the US and UK premiers of the movie. First she wore Prabul Gurung, with the cut-out sides and back. I am not a fan of this dress as it all looks a tad too 'foil' for my tastes. I was much more partial to her London dress which was by Ralph Lauren. It has more elegance and sophistication. Although I do wish her hair was either up or down, not this weird bits-around-the-face situation. Just saying. But she is a lovely, gorgeous girl whose red 2011 Oscars dress is still one of my all-time favourites.
For me however, the real style star of The Hunger games is Elizabeth Banks. In bold citrus hues, she has totally shone on the red carpet of the premiers - more than the gold. Her orange Versace also had a cut-out back, but by keeping the shoes nude she ensured the whole affair has some class. Then the Bill Blass yellow gown was utterly sensational. I don't believe I have ever seen such a thing. Stunning right?
So do you go for gold, or loopy for lemons? Let me know.

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