Hats off to Zara Phillips at Cheltenham Races

Last week was the Cheltenham Races in the old country. By which I mean England of course. Back when I still lived there, I was lucky enough to attend some horse show business with Zara Phillips, HRH The Queen's granddaughter. Zara is a particularly accomplished horse woman and current UK title holder and Olympian - so she had lots of information to share about how it all goes down. It was fun. And we were papped together and my picture appeared in the Now magazine. Hilarious.
In the ensuing years, Zara has got married and grown up. She has also developed a fine line in coat-and-hat style that makes me yearn for events where one must wear such a get-up. Of course here in South Africa, there is no call for such things. But a girl can dream. Enjoy these images of her four-day hat-a-thon. My personal fave? The first grey faux fur look - oh, so 40s elegant. How about you?

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