Florence Welch in Moschino at NME 2012 Awards

I, like many of you, love Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. We love her retro style and beautiful risk taking. We adore her red hair. We also yearn for her music. And Wednesday night at the 2012 NME Awards in London, she and the band were justly recognised with two winning categories. well played Machine people. But did we j'dore her style on the night. Flo arrived in a bright, bold spring floral suit by Moschino. Can you cope? I am going to go with LOVE. But I know it is not to everyone's taste. I like the cropped flare leg - so wrong it is right. the obvious matchy-matchy. I think that there is a clear sense of humour at play here and therefore I appreciate it very much.
Later, for her performance, Flo changed into this exquisite long, black, lace dress. Much more obviously beautiful, but not that Florence. So which do you prefer? The horror-tastic bunch of daises? Or the classic beauty? Tell me now!

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