Design Indaba Review: Lunar

I adore Lunar. Have done for some time. I respect their efforts to be ethical in their work. I enjoy the balance between day wear and occasion wear that they get just right. The earthiness of the perennial colour palette and the organic approach to the styling and accessories is always a joy and really anchors the collections in Africa. Always. And this collection was no different.
The 30s twist on the 2012 winter collection was lovely and I have to tell you that that kimono will be mine. It's reversible with silk lining on the inside and rich velvet on the outside. Or the reverse, should you choose to wear it the other way. My heart aches for it. Bring on winter.
And the colour pops of berry and cherry were delicious, bringing the neutrals to life and adding the necessary vibrancy into the story. When you combine beautiful fabrics, elegant design and the fingerprints of Africa into one, you get this collection from Lunar. Thank you.
All images courtesy of SDR Photo

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