Design Indaba Review: Good Clothing

There has been a subtle shift in the pieces from Good Clothing. It is almost as if in the past year, the clothes have gone from great teenager fashion to exciting adult style. There is, dare I say it, a sexiness to it that definitely hasn't existed before. One of our favourite local brands is growing up! Hip hip hooray.
Which is not to say that the fun, frivolousness and geek-chic elements have been removed. Oh no, defs-to-the-not. There is still a signature flippancy to the style. It has just been imbued with a hint of erotica. Just a hint. And that is what elevates it to a collection worth taking notice of.
I spoke to the designer Marion and she said that she was rethinking some of her styles as she opens up to new markets. Careful consideration about what her market wants is key to this evolution. And I for one couldn't be happier. This is such a cool development. I am hap-tastic. Played!
All images courtesy of SDR Photo

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