Charlize Theron Adopts a Boy and Attends a Lunch

I am quite sure the process has been underway for some time. But it was announced last night. Onse Charlize Theron has adopted a wee baby boy. His name is Jackson and he is 'African-American'. One can hope that he is in fact African, just liker her, but this remains to be clarified.
Charlize went and attended a lunch, while the news broke. It was a lunch hosted by Jimmy Choo and The Hollywood Reporter, to celebrate the naming of the top 25 stylists in Hollywood. It seems like it was a very elegant affair.
Also in attendance - and presumably helping Charlize celebrate her new family addition - was Katy Holmes, Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve. All looking lovely. Presumably styled by their stylists who were receiving the accolades.

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