Cate Blanchett Untouched On Cover of Intelligent Life

When I looked at my overnight stats on the blog this morning, I was surprised to see a huge number of hits on this post of Cate Blanchett when she was on the cover of the New York Times magazine. And how much I loved the picture. Curious, I thought. But I was happy as it reminded me of such a happy, pretty image. And then I saw Cate Blanchett's latest cover. This time on The Economist's Intelligent Life. The hullabaloo is that the photo hasn't been retouched. You can see her wrinkles. Gasp. To credit the publication, they admit that they are still benefiting from her natural beauty and distinction, so can't be too 'self righteous' about the choice to go natural. Which is true. She looks stunning. But it is fitting and appropriate to focus on her other career, as a serious and intelligent theatre manager, for this publication. And a more lived in appearance goes along with that. But what a stunning appearance it is. She is amazing. You can't tell me otherwise. And I still think that the NYT magazine cover is one of my all time favourites. Ever. Go Cate.

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