All the Olsen Sisters At Work and Play

There is lots of Olsen sister stuff to talk about today. First of all the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are on their own separate covers of UK Elle Magazine this month.
You get to choose whether you want Ashley in a full beaded Dolce & Gabbana dress on your cover or you can choose a cover with a rather gloomy close up of Mary-Kate. Pretty bejewelled collar on that one.
Then there is the smiling Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen. My favourite. She has been out and about recently, first in Chanel at the Chanel dinner. Then in a brilliant basic long sleeve black maxi coupled with a gold threaded kimono that I would sell a limb for. In a flash. Love it. And finally she was spotted yesterday in a brilliant velvet suit, paired with those snake skin shoes and a gigantic black tote of fabulousness. This Olsen is the real deal. I adore her. How about you? Who is your favourite Olsen?

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