Alexa Chung for Superga - the New Campaign

Look here folks. Here is a new image from the Superga campaign that my book club mate Alexa Chung has both creative directed and starred in. Of course, Alexa has been the face of Superga for a couple of years, but recently she has been given extra responsibility as the creative head of the iconic Italian shoe brand.
Now you know I am a fan of Superga. However, what you may not know is how Alexa got to be involved in the whole thing. It really was quite honest and real. Apparently Alexa's mum used to wear Supergas when Alexa was a kid, and so she grew up with them and was regularly seen in hers. She was wearing a beige pair when she was spotted by the peeps from Superga and they decided to approach her and ask her to be the face of their brand. As a fan of it, she agreed immediately and feels very excited about the fact that what she thinks actually matters to them.
Awesome. All good. Love the shoes. Love the campaign. Love the face. How about you? You guys in with me?

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