W Magazine Best Performances: The Chaps

Look. I am never going to pass up an opportunity to post a picture of George Clooney. Ever. The Clooney is The Man. For all eternity. And while I don't really care what he wears as he is funny and charming and social committed and talented, the fact that he always looks nice is a bonus. And makes him The Man. Glad we got that cleared up. His portrait in the awards season special in W Magazine story by Lynn Hirschberg, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, is mesmerising. He wears Giorgio Armani, should you care.
Now this is a man I care very much about. His performance in Romeo is Bleeding back in 1993 may have changed my life. I can still feel it now. And that's not even starting on the whole Nil By Mouth writing/directing situation. Gary Oldman has been criminally overlooked by the awards shows, but not by W Magazine. If this image doesn't do it for you, you must be less twisted than I, but wrong. Learn to love it as we love him. And he wears Tom Ford.
I posted this one for you. I am not a Brad Pitt kind of lady. But I know you are. So enjoy the splendour.  He wears a Burberry suit and Tom Ford shirt. This is a class style act.
And then there was Will Ferrel. In his pyjamas (Derek Rose pyjamas, mind you) and sending in the clowns. I thought the image was magnificent in itself. Nothing more, nothing less. Word.

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