Victoria Beckham Winter 2012 Collection. As Seen by Anna and David.

You can have as many pretty actresses in your front row as you like as a designer presenting a collection at New York Fashion Week, but when your front row contains the utterly unique combination of Lady Anna Wintour alongside Mr David Beckham, well, you know you have made it.
Of course Victoria Beckham can expect such things from her husband, but so swift has her rise been in fashion circles, that she can now command Anna as well. That is impressive for a designer who has only been showing for four years. Amazing. And well deserved.
At Victoria's collection, she presented the expected tight-fitted silhouettes we have come to expect. Immaculate and finessed to the finest detail. She added the double belt. Yes. She also added the collar detail. It is all about the covered up decolletage for her this season.
And the colour was bold and bright and beautiful. Exactly as you would expect. Usually I would criticise a designer for making sure her collection was really about herself. But in the special case of Vicky B, the consumer is wanting a bit of Beckham magic with her dress. Her beautiful, stylish dress. And so it works. And blows even the most hardened of critics (Anna) away. I couldn't be more proud.

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