Victoria Beckham Takes Becks By The Balls

I told you yesterday that she was funny. Now my mate Victoria Beckham has shown it to the world. Well, to her husband who showed it to the world. Yesterday David posted this image on Facebook - of Posh making as if she was, you know, cupping him. He titled it, "so proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls". Funny.
But I have more importnat matters to discuss. Namely that dress she is wearing. It is from VB's very, very latest collection of Victoria, Victoria Beckham - you know that younger, more fun line. And I love that print with the mini dresses all over it. Love it.
Vicks was also wearing her own dress - this time from the brand new main line - to an event in New York yesterday. Which she attended with Hamish and Anna. As you do.
I am slightly concerned about my friend's health though as she is looking extra skinny and drawn. So hopefully she will now be back in LA with her family and can take a load off for a very days and maybe have a slice of cake. Just a thought. Cracking week in New York, lady.

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