Victoria Beckham's Off-Duty Style. And the Return of the Double Belt.

You all know that I am partial to the lady that is Victoria Beckham. I think that she is super-funny, a real girl's girl and she has that whole fashion thing going on. So much so that in the last couple of years, I have included Victoria in my fantasy fashion book club. I can't imagine book club without her. But I don't always agree with her style choices. For example I do not love the boot leg jeans. So my little moan for today is about her double belt. It has been hovering on the fringes of fashion for the past year or so. I have been politely ignoring it. Hoping it would just go away. But no. None other than Victoria Beckham has been wearing it.
Not only wearing it, but including it as a key accessory in her successful New York Fashion Week winter 2012 show. Seriously? I really don't like it. What do you guys think? Yay or nay for the double belt situation? Let me know.
Even this furry jacket pleases me more because if she is wearing a double belt, I can't see it. But really I forgive everything when you see the cutest ever picture of daughter Harper, below. Enough to inspire a few more Beckham-related posts today? I don't mind if I do. Watch out, it's a Beckham day on the blog today.

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