Victoria Beckham at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

First of all The Vanity Fair Oscars Party must be one of the hottest tickets in town. But this year it was all about the Beckhams. Not only did they look amazing - Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham, David Beckham in Gucci - but they also hung out with their friends and Victoria also dressed one of the A-list attendees, Cameron Diaz. In glorious tangerine.
Victoria as usual tweeted a picture of herself getting ready, affording us a wonderful view of the back of her gown. As usual, it was zipped all the way up and most of the detail resided there, leaving the front for the lady to shine. I think it is very smart. Sadly, she also belted it with her currently ubiquitous double belt. So not a fan.
It was sweet to see the the Beckhams are still mates with the Cruz/Holmes'. They hung out together inside. I had my doubts as there haven't been any photos of Vicky and Katie in a couple of years.
I think that Katie looked beautiful in her Elie Saab gown. She is a bit hit and miss in the style stakes, but this dress is a real winner - very beautiful.
But nothing outshone Cameron Diaz at the shindig. Having changed out of her Oscars gown, she donned her tangerine Beckham dress and looked incredible. Very well played lady.

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