Thandie Newton in Osman and Stella McCartney

So where the devil has Thandie Newton been for the past year or so? Anyone? Anyone? Wherever she disappeared off to, boy is she back this week. She turned up to two events in the past week - looking sensational both times. First of all in a black, Grecian, draped, asymmetric column of Osman beauty - accessorised in gold.
And then in a cute - if even more asymmetric - vibrant turquoise cocktail number by Stella McCartney. As a lady who had a penchant for those weirdly big ball gowns that dwarfed her petite frame, it is such a pleasure to see Zim-girl Thandie in clean, easy lines that look amazing on her. Letting her natural beauty shine through with simplicity and comfort. This, for me, is perfection. How about you?

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