Sienna Miller and Baby Bump at Ever Changing Face of Beauty Event

I'm not sure how I feel about Sienna Miller at the moment. I mean, she has bowed out of fashion by stepping down from Twenty8Twelve, which I am quite disappointed by to be honest. I liked that brand and style. And now she is knocked up and looking a bit strange - not being a fan of that scoop under arm thing due to the danger or hint of side boob. Also the shoes bother me. Not sure why. I like the hair and accessories though.
Sienna was at a reception for the Ever Changing Face of Beauty. It was also attended by Cate Blanchett who looked masterful as always dressed in Juan Carlos Obando. A new favourite of mine, Evan Rachel Wood, was also in attendance. She was wearing a cute paid Gucci dress. Cute Olivia Palermo was also there looking adorable in ruffles and feathers. I am most fond. All of which took the pressure off me liking the Miller dress and so all was well with the world. Phew.

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