She's Got Legs and Knows How To Use Them

Okay here we go....things I love about myself. I'm writing this for Glowless' linky. I'm not ashamed to say I love my legs. And I love hot pink.

I love blue pvc too. I am proud of my legs. I have two. Go count em!

I love how I look in this cheesy hat.

Did I mention I love hot pink?

I am proud of me for going out like this in public.

I love guys with big hair.

Even though we don't have that much in common.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

Remember - never be afraid to don 80s fashions and just go for it!!!!

This Valentine's Day linky has been set up by the lovely Glowless

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a Valentine's Day post featuring something you love about yourself and why. Got great breasts? A sharp wit? Awesome craft skills? Good ear for music? Fabulous negotiating skills? Whatever it is, it has to be something about yourself that you L-O-V-E!

Throughout the day @glowless will be tweeting the links of those who linky up with the #GlowsValentines hashtag so keep an eye out! So write a post, grab the button and link up!



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