Looks I Loved This Premier: Michelle Williams, Thandi Newton, Mia Wasikowska

So there was a bunch of movie premiers last night and there were some delightful dresses worn to them. Let's begin with the Paris premier of My Week With Marilyn, to which the star Michelle Williams appropriately wore Dior. Love. In pink. How incredibly unexpected, right? Usually in sheaths of simplicity, Michelle turned full-girly in this frock. And still managed to look cool and beautiful. Then there was Thandi Newton. Newly back on the red carpet scene, she was wearing gold lace Temperley London for the event. And Jimmy Choos. And looks as cute as a button with that hair do. How fun. And for my money, the pick of the evening was Mia Wasikowska in Miu Miu, at the premier of their new short film. I freaking LOVE this dress with the cute neck and waist detail and the shiny blueness. This is real, honest quirky. Not that made up stuff the hipster do. This is the real deal and I have a spring in my step just because it exists. Happs.

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