Looks I Loved: Blake Lively, Michelle Williams, Kirsten Dunst

It's all beyond the pale at the moment on red carpets across the globe. You can't take a breath without tripping over a pale frock. But sometimes there is something about it that makes it not quite as boring. And often that is about the lady person in the frock. And so it is with Blake Lively in this white tuxedo dress. She brings elan to it. She also brings hot pink lipstick and a cracking pair of Louboutins. And makes it look awesome. The cuteness that is Michelle Williams is a different kind of thing. Love the 60s mod vibe from this Kenzo striped dress. Winning. And Kirsten Dunst at the Bulgari event was just sleek elegance personified. Beautiful, ethereal and totally suited to her style, as opposed to wearing it because it is a trend. And that, fashion peeps, is how you do it. Lovely. Do you like?

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