London Fashion Week: Stella McCartney Evening Wear Presentation

So mostly I just want to talk about Rihanna's new look here. You know last week she wore a custom Armani dress to the Grammy's - one that she co-designed with Mr Armani apparently. And everyone went giddy about it. But not I. I actually thought it was rather cheap and nasty with all that cleavage and back and bum all on show. Without forgetting the split to the upper thigh. Too much. Almost desperate. And then she turns up at Stella McCartney's evening wear presentation at London Fashion Week in an almost identical gown. This time by Stella herself. Curious, no? And what is driving the girl to step out in just a whisper of a gown on a freezing winter evening in London? I can't seem to get away from the stench of desperation that seems to emanate from this whole situation. And it makes me uncomfortable.
The rest of the ladies who attended also wore McCartney. Mostly with a bit of real coverage like Yasmin Le Bon and Minnie Driver. Except Kate Moss of course. Who looked lovely, but a bit on the short side.
Best dressed for me was Stella McCartney herself. Elegant, beautiful and timeless. That's true style.

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