London Fashion Week: Front Row Style

...And this is how London Fashion Week does the front row. Altogether more chaotic, individual and expressive. That's the Matthew Williamson front row. More models, less actresses, is how I would encapsulate it. Crazy prints and big jackets. See Holly Valance, Irina and Olivia all in attendance.
And the Mulberry front row was a cracker. Even an a-lister or two in there. I mean we have Michelle Williams. Lana Del Rey (with her new Delrey Mulberry bag - the brand new bag of choice for Mulberry collectors everywhere) was there. And the other Olsen chose London to make a front row appearance. Elizabeth Olsen was nestled in there between Michelle and Lana.
Also at the so-far-the-best front row of Mulberry, we had Anna Wintour, Bill Nighy and Hillary Alexander. This is the creme de la creme of the fashion world and even they look decidedly less glossy and definitely more utilitarian than the New York front row equivalent.
The TopShop Unique shop drew the fun, pop, young crowd, as you would expect. And despite Poppy Delevigne's best glossy efforts there in between the Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and Nicola Roberts the tone was definitely, awesomely scruffy-chic.
So. Here is the questions. Are you with Olsen, E - a hip London fashion gal with bags of individuality and panache. Or are you with Olsens A & M-K - glossy and fabulous with impeccable style? Two different fashion beasts. Both wonderful and exciting. But so very, very different. Let me know.

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