Lana del Rey for Lovecat Magazine

A few of weeks ago there was the rumblings of a significant backlash against the new it-girl singer Lana del Rey. We pressed on. We loved her style and her hair and her slightly gangsta attitude. We don't love her off-duty style quite so much, but we adore her retro styled photo shoots. And this one - the latest one for Lovecat Magazine - is no different. Except that this is a 70s themed, bling situation. With a whole lot of diamonds.
Shot by big-name fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, there is literally no fashio to be found in these shots, as Lana is naked. Except for the jewellery, the hair and those lips.
Apparently Lana loves diamonds in real life too, with her own personal jewellery maker on speed dial. She can probably afford a few more now that her debut album has gone to number two in the charts and sold 77,000 copies in the first week. So much for the back lash, hmmmm.

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