Lana Del Rey for Interview Magazine February 2012

It's kinda strange. Brand new it-girl singer Lana del Rey, whose album has just been released, is on the cover of two international editions of Interview magazine this month. That's not the strange bit. The strange bit is that the covers are the same but different.
Differently cropped - tighter in for the German version, more wide angled with hair for the Russian version. I'm not sure which I prefer. Which one do you prefer?
Lana's debut album, Born to Die, has received very mixed reviews. Mostly not great. It is one part backlash, one part too high expectation, and one part personal taste in my view. Not that I have heard it you understand, just I think that the whole hype thing got out of control. And she is so pretty and dresses nicely, so I am totally biased.
I mean look at her in the streets of Paris yesterday, looking all kinds of young-girl-chic, in her classic trench and ballet pumps. Lovely.

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