Lana del Rey Covers UK Vogue March 2012

I have posted quite a lot about new it-girl singer Lana del Rey over the last couple of weeks. And I have told you all about the mixed reviews she is getting. And mostly about how I am loving her style. Because you see, while I am passionate about music, what I really invest my irrelevant, time-wasting energies into is fashion and style. And this girl has style in buckets. Possibly over her talent...I said possibly...and I am ok with that.
And now look-e-here. She has landed a Vogue cover. That is pretty hard hitting for a new girl on the block. You have to have something kinda special to get those kinds of props.
She is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress on the cover, which is super pretty. And inside she is wearing that devine Prada playsuit that is rediculous and fabulous all at the same time. She also wears this pair of Kylie-tiny silver shorts by Giambattista Valli and the blouse by Viktor + Rolf. And gets away with it all. A true style maven. even if you don't dig her beat.

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