Kelly Osbourne Has A Style Moment Front Row at New York Fashion Week

I always think of Kelly Osbourne as little. You know, a girl. So it always takes me aback when I watch Fashion Police when she is witty and kind and sometimes insightful. (Although I do wish she would stop saying everyone is 'perfection'). But she is all grown up and takes fashion quite seriously and has worked hard at all of this. Good for her. I don't always love her style choices but they have been significantly more beautiful of late so I think it is worth taking a look at her selection of frocks for New York Fashion Week. Don't you?
So we had a series of cute little black dresses that suit her and her style wonderfully. A nipped in waist, a bow, a cross. All good. Nothing too try hard. Very Osbourne. Actually the most HER I have ever seen her since she came over all fashion-y. And she threw in that super red coat there, with the box Chanel bag and it was marvelous. Dare I say it.... It was perfection. well played Kelly lady.
PS: Are those skull tattoos on her feet disappearing? They seem lighter. The ones on her knees are long gone, so I must assume that these ones are also on their way out. Interesting.

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