Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, in Orla Kiely

Lovely Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, continued her solo activities yesterday while her husband is away in the Falkland Islands. She popped up to Oxford, where she visited The Art Room, one of her chosen patronage charities (having studies History of Art at university) as well as doing some walk abouts and popping into a primary school. And didn't she look all modern and fashionable for a change. Yay, she listened.
I mentioned in my last post that, while Kate always looks incredibly appropriate, that I would like to see a bit more fashion from her. And so she obliged. Take a look at the brown opaque tights, paired with the ankle boots. That is a great move. And the preppy dove-print coat dress by Irish designer Orla Kiely is a bit of a cult classic. Great move. The coat dress sold out within minutes, of course. It was on sale online for £162.50. Bargain.
PS: the new black spaniel puppy she and Prince William got has been named Lupo. Cute.

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