Kate Beckinsale for UK Women's Health March 2012

Women's Health magazine has just launched in the UK. Good for them. It's a great title. And on the cover of the launch issue is Kate Beckinsale, actress and friend of Victoria Beckham. Well, that's how I see her. And she is so darn pretty. And nearly forty years old. Amazing really, right?
I am particularly fond of the more fun side of her. But she seems to do really strange futuristic action type flicks. Which obviously I don't see. So it has been ages since I watched a movie with her in it. Actually, now that I come to think of it, I actually realise that Pearl Harbour was the last one I had the misfortune to catch. Oh dear. Now what?
Well she is jolly pretty. And probably great fun. And a nice person. And very, very pretty. So it is all ok and we shall move along swiftly. Good.

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