Elizabeth Banks Covers US Women's Health March 2012

So while pretty Kate Beckinsale is covering the launch issue of Women's Health in the UK for March 2012, one of my new favourite actresses, Elizabeth Banks is front and centre, looking all wholesome American blonde on the cover of the US Women's Health. Not that Elizabeth Banks is a new actress, obviously, just newly endeared to me via the medium of 30Rock.
Anyway, whilst I am not that crazy about the cover (just keeping it real dawg), I do really, really love the interior shot of Elizabeth in the red vest. In fact it inspires me to do some stuff of my own. Yay.
EB is in three different movies at the moment, playing very diverse roles. And it is getting her the kind of kudos and respect that sticks around for a while. Which is good news because it means that her cute and sassy style will also be sticking around. Double yay.

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