Christina Hendricks for Cosmopolitan UK March 2012

The new issue of the UK Cosmopolitan for March 2012 features the delectable Christina Hendricks on the cover. I have recently been watching back-to-back episodes of Mad Men and I am renewed in my admiration for this woman and her subtle portrayal of a woman of such fullness.

Now there have been some styling problems recently for Christina. And sometimes she is a bit hit and miss on the red carpet. Often this is blamed on her figure. But since her figure is magnificent, I have to assume that they should be blaming it on the designers. I mean, really. Look at her. Stunning.
I think that this firey red-head takes risks and tries things out and is less bothered by what other people may think of these experimentations. I think that this says more about her style that anything a fashion commentator or stylist could. I am increasingly in awe.

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