Burberry Fall Winter 2012 Front Row

One of the highlights of London Fashion Week every year is the Burberry show. It always attracts the most powerful front row, breaks barriers through the use of technology, and has some pretty special effects. Oh, and awesome clothes, obviously. This year was no different Burberry made it rain. And attracted people like actress Clemence Poesy, Holly Valance, actor and face of Burberry Eddie Redmayne and music entrepreneur Will.I.Am. All dressed in Burberry.
But those were clothes from previous seasons. The big guys wore clothes BEFORE they even appeared on the runway before them. I speak of course of face and body of Burberry, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, actress Kate Bosworth and model and jewellery designer Laura Bailey. Now that is going some. It breaks many of the established fashion rules, and for that it is perfect!
Yay. Burberry delivers once again, and we - the ordinary people from around the world - got to watch it live on our computers. It is extraordinary how Burberry are able to be wildly democratic and totally elitist all at the same time. Brilliant.

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