Are you twirting with me?

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I was absolutely mesmerized by a post by Jimmy at Personalsfacts who asked if twitter was the new relationship killer. Apparently his girlfriend thought he was tweeting with too many females. Luckily he was able to set her at ease by explaining that true intimacy and trust can't be broken over a two-sentence update. Frankly, I was amazed. I didn't even know you could 'twirt' via twitter. I mean, goodness me, I know all about the perils of all sorts of flirting that goes on on Facebook with much prodding, winking and poking. And I do of course know that Facebook is now cited in 1 and 5 divorce cases.

But swear to God I didn't know about twirting. So maybe some of you who follow my tweets on twitter have been twirting away in the most stilted way possible. If you were I'm sorry - I just didn't notice!!!

I of course knew about Anthony Weiner tweeting about his weiner but I think I just thought 'what a weiner' to put your weiner out there like that.

And therein lies the rub. The problem with social media and trying to form relationships via its portals. It is good in a sense that you can communicate with everyone, but the problem is there is tons of room for getting the wrong end of the weiner (sorry I'll stop now). Because not only might your boy/girlfriend get insanely jealous of how much time you spend blogging, facebooking or tweeting, your usage of social media might also just inflame jealousies when you are perfectly innocent.

Maybe that is why my relationship with my husband is fairly easy. He does not have twitter, facebook, or for that matter a cell phone. And I applaud him for it!

Maintaining a relationship is a careful balance of giving the person too much attention and giving them too little. Now if you both have facebook, twitter and cell phone, what's to stop you from contacting them with the most banal stuff like shopping lists or remember to take the trash out? I think many people don't know quite how irritating their constant phoning of their spouse is.

I think that on balance social media is more a constant source of irritation than anything else. It is always bandied about that it is so great that we can all communicate around the world in seconds. But why is it? Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore twirted with each other day and night and look how that ended.

The basic fact is once you put something via a text or via the internet it is there for anyone to access, intercept or feel vaguely nauseous about like the twirting between Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley.

Believe me, if I could I would probably turn back time to when we all wrote with quill pens. Although that wasn't so rosy either. Back in Jane Austen's time instead of writing dirty tweets people were, well, dirty. Even posh people only bathed about once a month, you had to pee in a chamber pot and had rotten teeth.

And what about you? Do you tweet or facebook your significant other? Do you constantly text your Lovebug? Has it added to your relationship or caused major friction?

I long for a time when I didn't know about people's private lives. Who can look at Prince Charles in the same way after he said he wanted to be Camilla's tampon.

So what is the answer? Do we need to burn our iPads and start wearing knee britches and long gowns and waiting months for letters to arrive while frantically sitting in drafty mansions working at an embroidering of a spaniel?

For me I just bask in the romance of knowing that my beloved is....completly out of reach!

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